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Shifting Injury Trends by Industry

16 days ago

Transportation and warehousing At the National Council on Compensation Insurance’s (NCCI) annual symposium, it was reported that “Most industries show consistent and steady declines in claim frequency. However, claim frequency increased in the transportation and warehousing sector from 2019- 2022....

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The most important date of the year to control workers’ comp costs

1 month, 13 days ago

While many employers focus on Workers' Comp close to the renewal date, this is not the opportune time to control costs. It’s the valuation date, which is the day that the insurance company sends your claim information to the workers...

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13 costly mistakes employers make on Worker Comp audits

3 months, 16 days ago

At the Institute of WorkComp Professionals (IWCP) we have found that approximately 75 percent of audits have errors that result in overcharges. This figure is even more alarming when you realize that employers are responsible for most mistakes because they...

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Here’s what workers are saying about the workers comp system on social media

4 months, 15 days ago

Social media sites are increasingly used by the public as a source of information for medical issues, legal advice, and employer concerns and work comp is no exception. Redditt is a popular platform that workers turn to for work comp...

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Five dangers of ignoring Workers’ Comp because rates are low

5 months, 16 days ago

There has likely never been a time when workers’ compensation insurance has been less expensive than it is now. For example, in 1994, employers constructing single-family homes in Florida paid a rate of $32.89 per $100 of payroll. In 2023,...

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Employers Need a Policy Before Adopting the Use of AI Tools in HR

6 months, 14 days ago

According to a survey by the Society for Human Resource Management, roughly 79 percent of employers use some form of AI in the recruitment and hiring process. In its AI in the Workplace Survey Report, Littler, an employment and labor...

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OSHA’s New Record Keeping Rule is not Business as Usual: Six Reasons to Consult with Your Advisor Now

7 months ago

Although compliance with OSHA’s injury and illness recordkeeping and reporting rule always has been challenging, it’s never more critical to get it right. The sweeping changes made to the rule in July 2023 significantly increases the number of establishments affected,...

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Portable fire extinguishers: training and inspection requirements

8 months, 16 days ago

October is fire prevention month and a good opportunity to revisit fire prevention measures throughout your company. This article provides a refresher on OSHA requirements for portable fire extinguishers in general industry. Training requirements OSHA requires all general industry employers...

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Employer alert: OSHA has a new Injury & Illness Reporting and Recordkeeping rule and Warehousing NEP

10 months, 14 days ago

Injury & Illness Reporting and Recordkeeping rule More employers will be required to submit workplace injury and illness information under a final rule released by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) on July 17. The new rule updates the list of...

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Five Mistakes Employers Cannot Afford to Make During the Summer

1 year, 15 days ago

The summer season brings unique hazards that have persistently led to more injuries than any other season. Greater product demand, longer working hours, extreme temperatures, poorly trained seasonal workers, vacation schedules, dangerous storms and wildfires, increased road construction, and congested...

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