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Employer alert: OSHA has a new Injury & Illness Reporting and Recordkeeping rule and Warehousing NEP

1 month, 26 days ago

Injury & Illness Reporting and Recordkeeping rule More employers will be required to submit workplace injury and illness information under a final rule released by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) on July 17. The new rule updates the list of...

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Five Mistakes Employers Cannot Afford to Make During the Summer

3 months, 26 days ago

The summer season brings unique hazards that have persistently led to more injuries than any other season. Greater product demand, longer working hours, extreme temperatures, poorly trained seasonal workers, vacation schedules, dangerous storms and wildfires, increased road construction, and congested...

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Alert: Premium audit process may never be the same

4 months, 30 days ago

In 2021 WorkComp Advisors noticed that auditors were being far more aggressive than they had been in the past. In some respects, it was understandable. Payrolls and worker's comp net written premium were down significantly in 2020 and it’s the...

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Rising workplace injuries: the impact of high employee turnover

5 months, 27 days ago

The November 2021 Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) recently released data on workplace injuries and illnesses, and the results are concerning. According to the report, although fatal injuries decreased, the rate of nonfatal injuries and illnesses in private industry increased...

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Five safety training trends for 2023

6 months, 18 days ago

Although safety training has always evolved to meet the needs of the workplace, best practices focused primarily on physical safety and compliance issues. While these remain high on the list of priorities, the fundamental changes brought on by the pandemic...

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Bermuda Triangle of Risk

8 months, 1 day ago

For decades a 500,000-square-mile zone in the Atlantic Ocean triangulated between Puerto Rico, Florida, and Bermuda has been dubbed the Bermuda Triangle. This area has been linked to the mysterious disappearance of ships and aircraft dating back to 1945 when...

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How to handle quiet quitting

8 months, 16 days ago

Quiet quitting, which refers to doing the minimum requirements of one’s job and putting in no more time, effort, or enthusiasm than necessary, became a hot topic in 2022. The concept is not new – between 13 and 20 percent...

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5 Things NCCI is Changing in the Experience Mod for 2024

9 months, 26 days ago

The experience mod is an important piece of the pricing puzzle for most businesses’ workers' compensation. For many companies, especially those in construction and oil and gas industries, the experience mod is frequently used as a factor in the bidding...

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Employers Can’t Just “Phone it in” With Workers’ Comp When it Comes to Remote Workers

10 months, 21 days ago

Many things about our daily lives returned to normal as we have come out of the pandemic. But there is one change that is likely never to go back to the old ways, and that is employees working from home....

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Important OSHA news: Top 10 most cited standards and expansion of SVEP

11 months, 27 days ago

Top 10 most cited standards The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently released its preliminary list of the most frequently cited safety standards for fiscal year 2022 ( Oct. 1, 2021 – Sept. 30, 2022). While the order may...

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