Better HR helps manufacturer lower Mod



An ice cream manufacturer with 12 employees and revenues of $2.8 million.


The company had an Experience Mod of 1.9, which was more than three times what it should be.


A team of CWCAs reviewed the business. They determined that the elevated Mod was due to several open claims, which were a direct result of poor hiring procedures. The company had failed to put in place a system of pre-employment background checks and physicals. As a result, at least two employees had come on payroll with existing soft tissue injuries to the back and shoulder, a condition further aggravated by the cold temperatures they were often subjected to on the job. In addition, no light duty return-to-work program was ever implemented.


The CWCAs initiated a better hiring procedure, which included partnering with physicians and medical offices familiar with occupational medicine. Drug screening was also put into place, as was an aggressive return-to-work program in which injured workers could take on restricted duties away from the cold areas. Safety training was also implemented, as was the formation of a safety panel.


Because of these actions, both open claims were closed and the Mod dropped to .80, with a net result in savings of $60,000-$85,000. Since the new hiring procedures were put into place, the company now employees 26 workers.


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