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How to handle quiet quitting

14 days ago

Quiet quitting, which refers to doing the minimum requirements of one’s job and putting in no more time, effort, or enthusiasm than necessary, became a hot topic in 2022. The concept is not new – between 13 and 20 percent...

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5 Things NCCI is Changing in the Experience Mod for 2024

1 month, 24 days ago

The experience mod is an important piece of the pricing puzzle for most businesses’ workers' compensation. For many companies, especially those in construction and oil and gas industries, the experience mod is frequently used as a factor in the bidding...

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Employers Can’t Just “Phone it in” With Workers’ Comp When it Comes to Remote Workers

2 months, 20 days ago

Many things about our daily lives returned to normal as we have come out of the pandemic. But there is one change that is likely never to go back to the old ways, and that is employees working from home....

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Important OSHA news: Top 10 most cited standards and expansion of SVEP

3 months, 25 days ago

Top 10 most cited standards The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently released its preliminary list of the most frequently cited safety standards for fiscal year 2022 ( Oct. 1, 2021 – Sept. 30, 2022). While the order may...

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New best practices for temporary workers

5 months, 14 days ago

To fill critical openings and to maintain flexibility in economic uncertainty, more employers are hiring temporary workers. OSHA and other organizations have long argued that temporary workers are at increased risk of injury because they are often placed in various...

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How to control the five major factors that raise the cost of claims

7 months, 26 days ago

How to control the five major factors that raise the cost of claims There’s much good news in workers’ comp – rates have fallen in most states, frequency of injuries continues to decline, and the industry is healthy – but...

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OSHA launches NEP on indoor, outdoor heat hazards

8 months, 26 days ago

For the first time, the new National Emphasis Program (NEP) creates a nationwide enforcement mechanism to proactively inspect workplaces for heat-related hazards (outdoors and/or indoors) in general industry, maritime, construction, or agricultural operations. OSHA plans to initiate programmed (pre-planned)...

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OSHA increasing COVID-19-Related inspections with new National Emphasis Program

1 year, 9 months ago

While many employers anticipated an Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) regarding COVID-19 on March 15 per President Biden’s Executive Order, OSHA took an unusual step and launched a COVID-19 National Emphasis Program (NEP) on March 12 before issuing the ETS....

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Cost-saving lessons from 2021 Workers’ Compensation audits

1 year, 10 months ago

As Certified WorkComp Advisors (CWCA), we are trained, certified, and mentored by the Institute of WorkComp Professionals (IWCP) to guide employers to the lowest possible workers’ comp costs. Kevin Ring, Chief Operations Officer and Lead Workers Comp Analyst of IWCP...

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Nine Common Mistakes Employers Make in Preparing, Certifying, and Posting OSHA 300A form

2 years, 16 days ago

This month, all employers required to keep Form 300, the Injury and Illness Log, should be reviewing the Log to verify that entries are complete, accurate and any deficiencies are corrected. The information will be used to target inspections; therefore,...

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