Manufacturer avoids loss through Recovery-at-Work program



The business is a commercial glass manufacturer that employs 40-50 workers.



An employee suffered a shoulder injury while moving large plates of glass. The immediate medical diagnosis by the treating physician was for two weeks off duty. As a result, the employer was faced with a substantial indemnity claim and potential increase in both Experience Mod and annual premiums over the next three years.



CWCA determined that the injured employee had made no effort to communicate to the doctor that the company had a Return-To-Work program put into place by CWCA Agency. Nor had the doctor taken the initiative to learn about the program and available transitional opportunities before submitting his medical evaluation.



CWCAs contacted the doctor’s office on several occasions, explaining the company’s Return-To-Work program, and how it would be beneficial to the employer, employee and the doctor’s office. The doctor agreed and re-wrote the evaluation, prescribing an immediate return to work on restricted duty for two weeks. At the end of the 14 days, the employee returned to full duty status.



As a result of CWCA’s actions, potential malingering and loss time were avoided and the claim was kept out of the indemnity category. This enabled the company to bypass a potential claim of $12,000 and a resulting increase in its MOD and premiums.


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